The Unique L.I.F.E. Freedom Generator

helping high achieving women with children to succeed by eliminating burn out, fatigue & stress

As high achieving women with families we often don't put ourselves first. We are told to look the part, have the perfect career, and family, when in reality we regularly find ourselves burning out, tired and anxious. We overspend due to guilt, overcommit through fear of missing out and are juggling so many things at once we shut down.

The reason so many of us face this struggle is though not aligning to our correct path , we have been conditioned to live the perceived perfect life when in reality life isn't perfect.

By addressing the problem it allows you to have success without the need to drop the ball and face the fear of failure, creating a new woman in the world. The empowered woman. A woman who is emotionally free and aligned to her truth, she has success, has inner peace and a fulfilled life.

  • She truly knows her worth as a woman and creates success in all realms of her life.
  • She's not afraid to put herself first, create boundaries and speak her truth
  • She’s a mother, a partner , a friend, a boss and submits to no one.
  • She knows how to create sacred space for herself and others.

Some of us are born with her DNA, some have had to learn it along our journey. Some will be naturally more or less in alignment with this state and others

This is why I create the Unique Life Freedom Generator in 8 weeks, to guide women who are ready to create real change and get out of their own way.

  • Module 1 The Empowered Life flow Activator focuses on the four key areas of generating success in life, through a flow state and alignment to your truth.

  • Module 2 The Powerful Freedom Approach focuses on connection to your own truth, learning to say no, setting strong boundaries and having all the conversations that you’ve been putting off.

  • Module 3 The Ultimate Wellness Launchpad explores the importance of having a strong base of physical and emotional wellness to create your best life.

  • Module 4 The Dynamic Direction Developer is the chance to check in and re-align to your own unique female energy and purpose in life.

  • Module 5 The Practical Expansion Toolkit helps you apply the tools learnt in the program and put them into practice.

  • Module 6 The Stress Free Growth Roadmap is all about creating ease in your life. How to create clarity on what’s being asked of you, how to tell the truth and be heard and how to move through stress with ease.

Why work with me?

I’m Penelope Layzell, and I’m here to guide you through these 8 weeks , to help you get off the roller coaster of your life and create a unique life journey, full of fulfilment, success and inner peace.

If you want to step into yourself more as a woman, learn how to put yourself first will ease in all areas of life, learn how to align with your truth

Having worked in the corporate world for 30 years, I have walked in the shoes of juggling family life and career and know exactly what it takes to do this well.

I now use my skills as a Life Freedom Mentor to guide women on their journey who want to break free from the feeling of being stuck or overwhelmed and create ease & success in every area of their life.

"Penelope worked with me when I was feeling really low and lost. She offered to help me with her amazing healing meditation and I honestly felt so much better afterwards. During the meditation I could feel the energy being guided through my body by her voice and I could see a sparkling golden light. I felt as if I was being cleansed on the inside. Immediately after I felt calm and settled for the first time in a couple of weeks.

I can not recommend highly enough to jump at the chance to work with Penelope, she is not only an amazing person, she also has incredibly powerful energy and healing to share."


The Empowered Life Flow Activator

  • Unique 1:1 Healing session to understand blocks
  • A clearer understanding of who YOU truly are!


The Empowered Freedom Approach

  • Understanding of your Higher Self and how it can help you.
  • How to connect to your High Self so that you can empower the life you deserve!


The Empowered Wellness Launchpad

  • Understanding of your Higher Self and how it can help you.
  • How to connect to your High Self and start understanding who YOU truly are!


The Empowered Direction Developer

  • A unique look at where you are at and where you are heading.
  • 5th Dimension earth healing session 1:1


The Empowered Wellness Toolkit

  • All the tools you need to create a life designed purposely for you.
  • An understanding of how essential oils and healing can catapult you to success


The Empowered Growth Roadmap

  • The right life plan for you to ensure you are living in true alignment to YOU!
  • Understanding of your purpose and how to achieve it


The Empowered LIFE Connection

  • 1:1 Healing session to fully embed and connect to YOU.
  • Clear pathway for you to live free of Burnout and stress


Receive the following bonuses:

BONUS: Weekly Expert Healing Practice


BONUS: 8 weeks to freedom journal

BONUS: direct access to penelope

"I have had a few sessions with Penelope now, first when she helped me get clarity on my life purpose, doing a healing session to release tension on my neck caused by long hours sat at my desk. Penelope is very professional but with a warm personality that immediately put me at ease.

Penelope also intuitively understands exactly what is needed. I have already booked more healing sessions and am looking forward to my next one. I am extremely blessed to have crossed paths with her!"

Burnout has a tendency to creep up on us, and untreated can cause work performance issues resulting in loss of your job, not being selected for that sought after promotion, or continual changing jobs whilst you search for something to make you happy.

It is common to overcompensate in your personal life also whilst you are trying to create the necessary balance, quite often in either comfort spending or buying affection.

What occurs at this point is that you get caught up in that cycle and start to feel hopelessly lost and unsure of who you are.

Below are just a few of the symptoms that burnout can cause:

  • Struggling with sleep
  • Constantly feeling tired and often suffer from fatigue due to the sleep - leading to insomnia
  • Gaining weight due to lack of motivation to work out or exercise
  • Decreased appetite, leading to an unbalanced diet

Does this sounds familiar?

The good news is you can change it!

This program will help you to rebalance, connect and flow to a more harmonious YOU!

“I have been fortunate to have 2 fabulous healing sessions with Penelope and look forward to many more. Releasing many blocks and I can still feel the benefit of that now. I would highly recommend anyone to have healing sessions with Penelope, a gateway to freedom of the soul and living your best life.”


Frequently Asked Questions.

Why do I need to connect with my higher self?

You've always wanted to connect to your higher self and have always understood that there is a greater power within each one of us. And yet, you're still struggling with where you are going in life and what your thoughts are about how you can make it better for yourself. You want more time for YOU

Can I just not meditate anyway?

Yes, and we highly encourage you to do so! But this is an opportunity for you to go deeper

How can I fit this training around my busy day?

No worries. The 1:1 sessions are booked directly with you and the modules are there for you to work through at your pace

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“When I was feeling really low and lost Penelope offered to help me with her amazing healing meditation. During the meditation I could feel the energy being guided through my body & I could see a sparkling golden light. I felt as if I was being cleansed on the inside. Immediately afterwards, I felt calm love for myself for the very first time.”


Not sure if this program is for you?

the Unique L.I.F.E. Freedom Guarantee

If it doesn’t exceed your expectations, help you to start understanding your connection, helping you to feel free and in tune, just email us at and we’ll happily issue you a full refund.

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